i. Data Warehousing
As our motto says "Give us data, we will give you the information", CDRP Technologies is very well experienced in collecting the data and transforming it into much useful information as at CDRP, we understand that information is the most powerful tool that any company can use for better decision making. Today, organizations need to go beyond traditional reporting and focus more on We practice in the convergence of sound data architecture planning, well organized business rules and processes, and true collaboration between business and IT. We succeed in collaborating business units with IT by eliminating the silos and achieving the ability to serve their role in the broader mission of the organization. Our range of services include.

ii. Solutions Providers
CDRP provides 100% flexibility in your company's Business Intelligence world by custom developing nearly any application that you may need. We show you how to implement solutions for reports, dashboards, score-cards and finance-account applications related to budgeting and planning. Our Business Intelligence solutions extend from reporting to statistical analysis and help support the way organizations think, work and collaborate. We provide answers for three common questions organizations ask. How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing?

iii. Analytics
Today, business analytics is reaching more organizations and extends to a wider range of users, from executives and line-of-business managers to analysts and other knowledge workers. Do you have the right toolset, dataset, skillset and mindset for analytics?
CDRP helps Organizations set the business goals as clearly stated goals lie at the center of any successful predictive analysis project. We make the same information and analyses available to the entire company at the same time eliminating arguments among the Organizations. We can help you with prioritized business initiatives and supporting IT goals and objectives. We help companies gain global visibility across organizational data as well as streamline operations or production processes. CDRP also embeds flexibility in your solutions as business analytics needs change.

iv. Master Data Management
CDRP's Master Data Management (MDM) solution framework gives you the insight and tools to establish a 360-degree view of quality data and provides some strategies to integrate and manage information across operational and analytical environments in your enterprise. If you are just getting started, looking to expand your data governance program to other areas, or trying to install an existing data governance program, CDRP Technologies can help. Our comprehensive MDM offerings optimize internal and external data management, and governance to help you make better-informed business decisions. We deliver consolidated, accurate, and reliable data to eliminate duplications.
A comprehensive master data management solution must include very flexible ways of setting up hierarchy management for customer master data, product master data and location master data. As managing such a rich structural environment and set of features will end up in chaos without data stewards, we work hardly with organizations to select the correct individuals as stewards.